Creating a job from the CLI

I’m having some trouble with the job create command. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong with this:

wandb job create -E -r 3.10 -n test_job code --project my-awesome-project
wandb: Creating launch job of type: code...
wandb: ERROR Could not find execution point:
wandb: ERROR Artifact jobs must have an entrypoint, either included in the path or specified with -E
wandb: ERROR Job creation failed

Hi @block-breakers, could you explain what the IP address is? Does not exist on the machine you are using? I may be misunderstanding your goal a little bit.

Thank you,

The script could exist on my local machine. This is just the path to the script. I was just hosting it on a webserver at this point as I was running this in docker and writing the script on my host.

That path could just be /path/to/script it doesn’t need to be a webserver.

@block-breakers does this work when you try to point to the local entry point that isn’t hosted or do you get the same error?