Confused about wandb launch usage with docker

Sorry if this is covered by docs couldn’t understand something about wandb jobs (wandb launch);

Basically, does the Dockerfile itself must have an Entrypoint attr, which runs a program? Or is it enough to have a docker image which has WANDB_DOCKER, wandb_api_key env variable set, having a python directory codebase which can start wandb runs?? (can’t create a job this way though…), if possible without logging the code.

Yeah, the Dockerfile should be complete end to end such that just running the docker file should run the program, it must have Entrypoint attr in the Dockerfile, which actually can be changed from the overrides when we pass it to queue.

Hi @saishreddyk, great to see you’re using Launch and you found the answer! Just for reference, I’m sharing two links to our docs here and here in case they’re useful.

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