Cannot find a specific column in sweep -> sweep table

When searching, I first hide all the columns (because in total there are more than 500 entries, which cannot be fully visible), and then I search for my intended column, but I find that I cannot find it. What’s weird is that I didn’t change my code and i am pretty sure I can see them before. Also, I can see that entry (i.e., a bleu result) in the charts. What’s happening?

Actually, I can see that entry appears for a millisecond, and then disappears. So, I guess that the table can only show arguments instead of result from now on?

Hi Oliver, can you tell me which column you are trying to search for and a link to this project so I can reproduce this on my side?

Hi leslie, it was this sweep project (for example). The metric I was searching for in the table is eval/bleu. It first appears for a half second, and then disappears.

Thank you for the link Oliver, it helps a whole lot. Just to make sure I’m looking for the correct metric, it will be under eval/bleu which is not the same as eval_bleu, is this correct?

yes, it’s eval/bleu.

By the way, now I cannot see the whole table of this project (the same one). It’s all blank, and I am not sure what is happening (maybe too many entries? I have 3000+entries)

Thank you~

pps, you can see the eval/bleu metric under the “sweep work space → eval”, it shows as a chart.

Hi Oliver! Can you try clearing your workspace on the bottom left of your page? I’m able to see all the runs on my end from the link you sent me. Regarding the columns, it looks like this is a bug on our end. I have reported it to our eng team and I’ll let you know if there are any updates on it

Hi again Oliver!

Our engineers have fixed this issue! Please let me know if you are still experiencing it on your end.


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