Can I use a regex to exclude certain charts?

Hey there community,

I am logging a lot of single values that I want to aggregate into a single chart in wandb, but unfortunately the default is that these values all get their own chart, so I have to tediously move them all to the “hidden panels”. They are all named after a schema, which I would like to exclude from the chart section with a regex, but I could not yet find an option to do so.

Is logging like this just bad practice, should I pre-aggregate it? Is there an efficient way to remove more panels with a single click? How to approach this issue?

Hope someone can help me out here, thanks!

Hi @mfeuer, would you be opposed to adding a prefix to the metric names so that it will move them to their own section in the UI which you could then collapse?

For example:

    "hide_these/metric_a" : metric_a,
    "hide_these/metric_b" : metric_b

This would make them show up in a separate section in the UI called “hide_these”

Not opposed to that at all, thanks for the idea!

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