Billing for academic account when storage limit is exceeded

I am wondering if there will be an automatic billing after the storage limit is exceeded or is the storage blocked until an storage extension will be payed?

Hi @bernddoser ,

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Yes there will be a notification banner that you are about to reach the free 100GB storage and has an option to proceed and pay the excess storage you need. And yes it will be automatically billed. :smile:

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Hi @bernddoser ,

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Dear @joana-marie ,

Apologies for my late response. Your answer was very helpful. I’m mainly concerned about not losing control with an academic account if members fills up the free storage. It would be helpful if I could actively expand the storage or remove data without automatically receiving a bill.

Thank you once again.

Hello @bernddoser ,

No worries at all. :slight_smile:
To address your concern, you will not lose control and we will not lock your account so don’t worry. You will just be prompted with a banner saying that you exceeded the provided storage.

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