💬 Building LLM-Powered Applications AMA on Wednesday, December 20

:rocket:Elevate Your Skills in Building LLM-Powered Apps & Win Prizes!

If you’ve embarked on an exciting journey by registering for our complimentary course, Building LLM-Powered Apps. Now, it’s time to take a giant leap forward in your learning – with the added bonus of winning some prizes!

:date: Mark Your Calendars: Join us on Wednesday, December 20, at 11:00 AM EST for an exclusive event as part of our #30DaysOfLLM initiative. Dive into our “Ask Our Experts” session on the Weights & Biases Discord.

:bulb: Get Answers to Your Questions: This session, adopting the traditional AMA (Ask Me Anything) format, is your golden opportunity to get insights on topics such as:

  • Understanding LLM-powered applications
  • Tips on crafting your app
  • Strategies for experimenting, evaluating, and deploying your custom solution(s)

:mortar_board: How to Participate:

  1. Course Registration: Haven’t signed up yet? Enroll in our FREE “Building LLM-Powered Apps” Course. Aim to complete it for the full experience!
  2. Join Our Community: If you haven’t already, become a member of the Weights & Biases Discord community.
  3. Ask Away: Post your questions in the #building-llm-apps-ama channel. Our team of expert Machine Learning Engineers, including course creator Darek Kłeczek, will be there to answer all of your valid questions.
  4. Win Prizes: The first participant to ask a valid question wins a prize! Don’t worry, there are more prizes in store. Every valid question enters you into a draw for additional prizes. Remember, the more questions you ask about building LLM-powered apps, the higher your chances of winning!

:memo: Please Note: Visit our contest site for full details and disclaimers regarding prize eligibility.

We can’t wait to connect with you and explore the fascinating world of LLM-powered applications. See you there!