Workplace Loading Errors

When loading in a workplace with 4+ sections either the last couple of sections fail to load, or when I scroll down and load them in the first sections unload. This is also coupled with thousands of JS/Loading errors.

My workspace doesn’t have more than the recommended number of datapoints, other than in the “System” section where over the course of 12 days it has accumulated many thousands of datapoints, however that section is always minimised.

Here is an example of the failing to load section. The first section containing 3 graphs and a similar number of data points to the validation section just simply isnt showing up.

And then when I scroll down the “System” and “Stats” sections fail to load, even though they are minimised the section title bars don’t even show up until the page reloads.

I think the issue may be the 56 core CPU utilisation graph, however this is permeanenlty hidden in the Hidden Panels section.

This also occurs on my desktop PC in addition to my laptop. I tried posting screenshots, but alas, new users can only post one per post.

Hi @avelina , thank you for flagging this. We’ve recently addresses some issues with panels failing to load in the workspace. Are you still encountering this issue? If yes could you provide a link to a project for us to review. Thanks

Hi @avelina , since we have not heard back from you we are going to close this request. If you would like to re-open the conversation, please let us know!