Why are curves in different relative positions when zooming?

Hi team,

Why am I seeing the green curve below the crimson curve in default view, but when I zoom into an x-range they overlap? FYI there is exponential avg smoothing with beta = 0.9



Furthermore while continuing to play around with zoom I’ve realised the curves is all over the place even when not comparing against another curve but rather just looking at the shape or looking at it’s position relative to the horizontal guidelines.

Hi @alexander-soare,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Do you notice this behavior with other plots too or just this plot? Also, does this error also happen when you zoom into other parts of this plot?


Hi Ramit,

It happens on other plots. And yes it happens on other parts of the plot. Here’s another example. Look at the kind of hump shape on the tail end of the chart. When I zoom in, the shape is completely different.

Peek 2022-01-13 09-32