Values are rescaled in plot

I’m getting very different values when I look at the same plot in following two places:

  • Location 1: <username>/Projects/<project_name>/Runs/<run_id> under the “Charts” tab
  • Location 2: <username>/Projects/<project_name> under the “Workspace” tab

The values appear correct in location 1, but they are rescaled by some arbitrary value in location 2, and the scale is different for each run so I can’t produce comparison plots. How can I get it to display the correct values here?

Hello @howardh ,
Happy to help. I am trying to repo your case but not sure if I am doing it the same as you since I am seeing same display. Could you please provide the following:

-a screenshot of Location 1 vs Location 2 and you could label as necessary for us to understand it better.
-You can also screen recorded it if possible~
-workspace link of both

Yes, here’s an example. As you can see, figure 1 and 2 show data that go up to 600 and 800, and we see that the “2023_12_09__cheetah” run (figure 2) clearly has larger values at 20M steps (~600 vs ~700). Yet, when plotted together (figure 3), the largest value we see is 400 and “2023_12_09__cheetah” is now the smaller one. The attached plots are generated with EMA. I’ve tested with time-weighted EMA and moving average, and they also have the same problem.

(It seems I can only post one image per reply, so I’ll put them in a separate reply)

I’m dumb. See below.

Figure 1: Location 1. Run ID is “2023_12_11__cheetah”
Figure 1: Location 1. Run ID is "2023_12_11__cheetah"

Figure 2: Location 1. Run ID is “2023_12_09__cheetah”
Figure 2: Location 1. Run ID is "2023_12_09__cheetah"

Figure 3: Location 2
Figure 3: Location 2

Oh, I just realized that I’ve been looking at the wrong plots this entire time. Sorry about that.

Hi @howardh ,
No worries. It seems that this was 2 different plots, right? Shall we mark this as resolved then? Thanks~ :wink:

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