Plot overlay obscures most of plot

See screenshot, when I mouse over the plot showing the value of a metric across multiple runs, the acutal shape of the plot is obscured by the detail view almost all of the time. This makes it almost impossible to visually compare runs while also seeing precise values at certain points.

Additionally, assuming this gets fixed by moving the detail view to the lower-right portion of the plot (or even outside the bounds of the plot entirely), it would be really nice to see a horizontal guide in addition to a vertical guide, so I can visually tell how the peaks of a given run compare to the peaks of other runs a different points in time (I’m using tfa.optimizers.CyclicalLearningRate so my metrics have a rather spiky nature).

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 2.24.01 pm

Screenshot showing spiky nature of metric plot:
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 2.31.11 pm

Hi @tbirch
Thank-you for writing in with your observation. I understand how this leads to an obstruct run view on the individual charts. I passed along this feedback to our App team to review. In the meantime please view the chart in full screen mode which will grant visual access to your run results. Additionally, I have passed long the note on adding a horizontal guide to make it easier to visually tell how the peaks of a given run compare to the peaks of other runs. Once an update is provided by the team I will let you know here.

Hi @mohammadbakir, full screen mode helps but doesn’t completely solve the problem, especially on mobile. The floating panel with the y-axis values still typically appears at the top of the screen, and with enough simultaneous runs showing, the overlay box will occlude a significant portion of the graph.

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