What are your favorite ML news sources?

I aggregate my news channel with Feedly. Here they are:

  • Amazon AI

  • AWS - Machine Learning

  • Distill

  • Google AI Blog

  • The Gradient

  • OpenAI

  • MIT News - Machine Learning

There are some others but these are the ones that publish more frequently!


Twitter is my top goto for staying upto date. + All of the things you’ve mentioned :slight_smile:


Twitter is my #1 source too – mostly because of the discourse around the news. Also newsletters – The Batch, Import AI, etc.

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For me also Twitter is the number 1 source. Most AI researchers are active on Twitter so by following them you get new breakthroughs and paper notifications straight from the source (i.e. the authors). :grinning:

As for sources not already mentioned, I can highly recommend Yannic Kilcher’s ML News series on Youtube to stay up to date with new developments.


this is what I currently use + Google scholar/scopus automatic emails.

I personally really dislike twitter and think it’s over rated + has lots of secondary really negative side effects instead of side benefits (e.g. ppl fighting, twitter trying to sunk in your time and attention, etc).