Wandb: WARNING Invalid value for property root_dir


I defined wandb_log_dir to be another directory than where my code resides and received the following warning: “wandb: WARNING Invalid value for property root_dir: /home/xx/xxx/experiments. This will raise an error in the future.”

Normally I am not particularly concerned about warnings. But because it said “This will raise an error in the future”, I would like to know what is considered a valid value for property root_dir (and why)? If defining it the way I did, why will it raise an error done the road?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @rcheng this means that unexpected settings will throw an error in next releases, while for now these **kwarg will be ignored in order to initialise the run with the default value instead. It’s coming from this line of our SDK code.

Could you please provide a bit more information, where you set up this parameter, from the environment variables or from wandb.init() call? Would it be possible to share a code snippet of the line that gives this warning, and also what OS you’re using?

Hi @thanos-wandb , thanks for the info.

I am on 20.04.3 LTS and here is how I set up this parameter :

(from run.py)

from pytorch_lightning.loggers import WandbLogger

wandb_log_dir = Path(config['logging_params']['save_dir']) / args.run_name
wandb_logger = WandbLogger(save_dir=wandb_log_dir,

config.yaml file:

  save_dir: "logs/" # or "/home/xx/xxx/experiments" (the same warning pops up)
  manual_seed: 1265
  name: 'BetaVAE'

Actually I realized that the warning pops up, regardless of the save_dir is under where the code resides or in a completely different directory. (I originally thought the warning showed up because it was expecting the log_dir to be at the same directory as the code.)

Thanks in advance for further hints!

Hi @rcheng thanks for the additional information, I have tried to reproduce the same issue using your code snippet but I didn’t get the same warning. Could you please to explicitly set save_dir='.'or save_dir=/home/dir1/dir2/experiments? Would this work for you? also, is Path from the pathlib package and could you please print(wandb_log_dir) and post the output here as well?

Hi @rcheng I wanted to follow up with you on this issue, and see if it still occurs for you? Would any of the above work for you? thanks!

Hi @rcheng since we haven’t heard back from you in a while, I will go ahead and close this ticket for now. If this warning still occurs for you, please let us know and we will be happy to keep investigating!

Hi @thanos-wandb ,

Sorry for the delayed response. Somehow the warning went away. I will report here if it shows up again in the coming days. Many thanks for the hints.

Hi @rcheng glad to hear that, and thanks a lot for the update! Sure, please let us know if that pops up again and we can take it from there.

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