wandb.sdk.wandb_settings.SettingsValidationError: Invalid value for property project

The project value looks fine to me. Tried creating a new project and using that value but got the same error.

Name: wandb
Version: 0.16.1
Summary: A CLI and library for interacting with the Weights & Biases API.
Author-email: Weights & Biases support@wandb.com
License: MIT License

UPDATE: Sorry, I failed to mention which logger I was using: Composer’s WandBLogger. The logger arguments in the documentation are not current. Will post to GitHub. Feel free to close my Zendesk ticket.

SUPER UPDATE: [Q] What is the correct way to file issues in the documentation? · Issue #5595 · wandb/wandb · GitHub

(post deleted by author): Would have just e-mailed support if I knew this was going to become a Zendesk ticket.

An error occurred: There was an error deleting that topic. Please contact the site’s administrator.

Looks like removing this wandb Zendesk ticket could be challenging. But perhaps not as challenging as removing a wandb organization.

Hi Sean,

Thank you for writing in, marking this thread email ticket resolved. Appreciate your patience as we had a long holiday weekend but rest assured we will get back to you asap on your other inqueries.