Directory setting for wandb.init()

Hi all,

I want to log my experiment data in


So, I set dir=./wandb/preferred/logging/directory/each_run/ and called wandb.init(dir=dir). But it did not work. The actual location where the data was stored was


As you can see, the redundant wandb level appeared. Is this the default behaviour? I believe adding this level is not intuitive and not preferred, supposedly. How can I remove it only by interacting with wandb package?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @barikata1984 , happy to help. There isn’t a direct method of updating this path as wandb folder is auto generated by the sdk and is hard coded for man reasons. I would expect the folder path to be


instead of the reported


If this is the case, what version of wandb are you using?

Hi @mohammadbakir,

Thanks for your reply and correction. The directory you said is the valid path to each run. The version I’m using is 0.15.10. If that is a hard-coded behaviour for now I follow the current style, but I would appreciate it if you consider changing to the hierarchy I mentioned in future versions :slightly_smiling_face:

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