WandB doesn't track my metrics after a certain step onwards

Hi! My issue is that I can track the trend of my metrics in wandb panels till around 820 steps (or epochs, I run 250 epochs for each task of a Continual Learning scenario, and the tasks are 10, so in the end I should have around 2500 steps), then the panels don’t show the metrics anymore. The experiment is running smoothly and I don’t get any error in the terminal. Is there any kind of cap on the max steps? Do I have to set it? I just log 3 metrics.
Thank you.

Hi @umbertocappellazzo ,

Thank yo for writing in. The charts will automatically display the logged metrics to fit, unless the user modifies the min-max range in the chart edit menu. Can you please provide sample code of how you are logging your metris.

Note: If you are visualizing your metrics against something other than Step on your X-Axis, you might see fewer data points than you expect. This is because we require the metrics to be plotted against one another to be logged at the same Step - that is how we keep your metrics synchronized. See here for more details.

Hi @mohammadbakir ,
Thx for your reply. Presumably I tried to set the max range bcs I was not able to display the full horizon of steps, and so I think I made this mistake. Now the metrics are fully visualized, so the issue is solved.
Thank you for your help! :grinning:

Hi @umbertocappellazzo , thank’s for letting me know. I will mark this closed.

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