Wandb assertion errror

sometimes I meet with this kind of error, when I run on a remote device:

Error: Run xxx errored: AssertionError()
Dubugging tool in vscode cannot locate it. It just pops up and tells you the run is failed. I can find which line is the reason of this error, but have no idea what happens.
After checking for much time, I can do nothing but disconnect with remote device and connect again. And the problem is gone… Is there a more specific reason?
Thanks a lot!
Jialei Li

Now I find that re-connection cannot completely solve this problem as well. And it raises ramdomly…

Hello! Could you send the debug logs for your runs? The wandb folder has folders formatted as run-DATETIME-ID associated with a single run. Could you retrieve the debug.log and debug-internal.log files from one of these folders specifically from the run that is having issues?

sorry for late reply. I found one of those run files, but I don’t know how to upload log files, because they are not legel files to upload in forum. Would you please advise an alternative way for me to give the logs?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I found the reason now. It is relative with other part of my project’s program. It has nothing to do with wandb actually… Still thanks a lot for your willingness to check error for me :slight_smile:

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