Sync error

When I finished the training with the offline mode, I use the following command to upload the trained results to the cloud service.

wandb  sync   MY_RUN_DIRECTORY

But I got the KeyError: ‘run_url’

How to solve this question?

Hi @lee086824 thanks for reporting this issue. There was a regression in wandb v0.14.1 that would throw this KeyError: 'run_url'. Is this your current version, and if so could you please upgrade to our most recent client/SDK version and try to sync your runs again? Would it work for you?

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Yes!!! You are right! It works for me. Thank you so much!

Hi @lee086824 perfect, glad to hear this worked, thanks a lot for the confirmation! I will now close this ticket, and feel free to reach out to us again if you have any other questions.

Hello @thanos-wandb there is another question

I uploaded it once before, but there was only one run record in the cloud service, and there was no training data in it, so I deleted that, and this question happened when I uploaded it again.
So how to solve this question?

Hi @lee086824 thanks for following up on this. You could undelete this run from your Project’s Overview page: (please replace ENTITY and PROJECT with your details) and click on three vertical dots in top right corner of Overview and Undelete runs. You could then try to sync again this run that fails.

Another alternative would be to specify a new unique id (new-run-id) when syncing this run, using the wandb sync --id=new-run-id wandb/offline-run-date_time-old_runid command. You could get a new unique id as follows:
python -c "import wandb; print(wandb.util.generate_id())"

Would any of these work for you?

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Hi @thanos-wandb
Yes! These did work for me . Thank you once again!

Great! Thanks for confirming these worked for you @lee086824 ! I will close this ticket again, but please let us know if you had any other questions and we will be happy to keep investigating.

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