Values for "Runtime" in tabular view and "Duration" in the "overview" page are different!

Hi there,

When I’m looking into the tabular list of runs I see some of the runs with Runtime=7h 54m 56s for example, but when I click on that run and open the “overview” page, it shows Duration=36m 35s!!! Doesn’t “duration” mean the same thing as “runtime”? if yes, why they are showing different values? If no, then what are they showing each?

Hi @hosein-rezaei , the terms “runtime” and “duration” in the context of Weights & Biases runs can indeed be a bit confusing, but they generally refer to different aspects of a run’s timing information.

  • Runtime: This typically refers to the total time from the start to the end of the run, including any time where the run may have been paused or waiting for resources. It’s the wall-clock time for the run.
  • Duration: This is often the actual compute time that the run took, excluding any pauses or time waiting. It’s the time that the run was actively computing or logging data.

If you’re seeing different values for “runtime” and “duration” on the runs table versus the overview page, it could be due to the above distinction. However, if you believe that both should be showing the same value and there’s a discrepancy, it might be a good idea to check if there were any interruptions during the run or if there’s an issue with how the times are being logged or displayed.

For more detailed information on how Weights & Biases handles run timing and to troubleshoot any discrepancies, you can refer to the Runs Table documentation and the Run Page documentation. If the issue persists, you may want to reach out to Weights & Biases support for further assistance.

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