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I’m a student and use wandb to log my projects. A while back I had created an org with my classmates to log my runs but today I wasn’t able to access them, as the prompt came that I have exceeded some quota. It showed that there was a free trial for the org plan and I just needed to access a few plots for the last time, so it when I selected the free trial and added my card it ended up charging me $600.

That was not my intention and now I see no way of removing my card or contacting the company except at support@wandb.com. I cannot really afford to lose that large a sum but on the account I also do not see how to remove my card or terminate this plan and get my refund.

I do not know if this is the right place to post this but I urgently need help with reversing the payment. It is too big a sum for me to lose on a mistake. I can delete the whole organization or the account but I would lose some runs in the process. I have not tracked any hours with this plan (it shows 0 hours) but I need help with cancelling it altogether.

Please help me out.

Hello @abhipsha-das16 ,

Apologies for what happened and happy to help.
So to clarify, your request is to cancel the subscription that you accidentally made by linking your card - another request too to remove your linked card. To assist further, please provide your username and org name with this card of yours.

Additionally, you are prompted that you reached or exceeded a quota, if the email linked to wandb application is a university email there will be no limits and if you belong to an Academic Team, there is no limit for tracked hours. We will also review your account to come up for a suggestion on how you can access again your project or few plots.

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Hi Abhipsha,

Apologies for the late reply, I replied to another ticket you raised thru discourse and will go over and merge this one to it.

Joana Marie

Thank you. The username is abhipsha-das16.
The org name is dlpros-org.

Thank you @abhipsha-das16 for providing the details we need. I will loop in our Self-service team to process the Cancellation.

Hi AR team,

May I request for your assistance to cancel the subscription(and a refund) under this details:
The username is abhipsha-das16
The org name is dlpros-org

And to please help Abhi(user) to remove the linked card.

Thank you,
Joana Marie

Thanks a lot! I’ll await further communication.

Hey @abhipsha-das16! I have turned your team into an academic entity and was notified that your subscription has been cancelled and you have been refunded the 600 dollars. Cheers!


Thanks so much! I am able to access everything. Thanks once again.


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