Upload custom Vega plots


I have been having a tough time with Vega. I am trying to plot ROC curves per-class, with a custom tooltip. For the tooltip, I want to show the value of ROC thresholds for each class, and I don’t want to use the WandB wandb.plot.roc_curve function because I want to accumulate statistics over several batches.

I’ve made some progress in customizing my vega plot, but not much. I can’t seem to properly point my plot to the vega specification (no custom plot can be plotted). I can’t even find the vega specification ids that I’ve created in reports!

Is it or would it be possible to upload Vega specs along with the table? This would let us dynamically change the vega plots easily (for e.g. custom tooltips), along with many other benefits (unambiguous vega plot ID, etc). Or maybe I am barking up the completely wrong tree, and this is easier. Either way, I am curious!


Hello @ajacobsen-czb !

I did some testing and was able to see my made custom Vega script preset (instructions in documentation for ease) that I made within a report within the UI and use it within wandb.plot_table(). Are you able to see the spec within your custom presets in the UI?

As for uploading Vega specs along with the table, that is not a feature we currently support but I can make a feature request for you if you wish.

Great! Thank you for the help. I’ll give this a try. In the mean time, I have figured out Weave, which gets me pretty much there too.

Great to hear that! I will close this ticket for now but feel free to write in whenever you have questions.

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