Upload a series of time sequence (ecg curve) with each corresponding heart rate into a table

Dear friends,
I’m a new wandb. My task is to predict a time sequence and its heart rate. Therefore, I want to visualize each result by uploading it to a table. Is there any data format similar to the image? I want to achieve a table like below:
predicted time sequence(1D point), heart rate(single value), the ground truth time sequence (also a 1D point)
Each column represents a different data type.
How to achieve it?

Hi yang, thanks for your question! Here you can see our Documentation on how to log data into tables. As you can see, you can log different data types on each columns. Also, here you can see all the data types that can be logged and how to create each type. Please let me know if this would solve your question!

Hi Yang,

We wanted to follow up with you regarding your support request as we have not heard back from you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.


Since I want to upload the 1D points to the table and visualize them.
I have already checked the type in your API. There is no type suitable for my situation.
Do you have any ideas?
I want to visualize it like a curve, which is shown in a table.
Therefore, I can check whether the model generates an accurate curve.

Hi Yang,

Thanks for your answer! Since you want to visualise a curve, would Plotly be useful for your case? I was thinking that another way could be logging it as an image, would it work?
Also, could you send me a screenshot of the 1D points that you want to upload and so I can have a better idea of your use-case?


My curve looks like this

This curve represents the cardiac activity, which can be used to calculate the heart rate.
I want to not only see the shape of the curve but also need to know whether it is the correct heart rate.
Therefore, I need to upload the curve and the single value of heart rate into different columns in one Table.
Do you have any idea? I think your visualization of a Table for the MNIST dataset is awesome. Could I realize the similar Table?
Ze Yang

Hi yangze,

Sorry for the delay here! I think a code like this could be useful for you:

columns=["curve", "predicted_heart_rate", "true_heart_rate"]table = wandb.Table(columns=columns)for epoch in range(n_epochs): table.add_data(curve, predicted, true) wandb.log({"table" : table})

Then you can set the variable curve as the chart that you want and the predicted heart rate and the true heart rate and so you can check whether it is correct or not. Please let me know if this would help you!