Logging temporal data / overriding single image

Hey, I have 1D data that I’d like to show it at every step (think hidden state of a model) as a 2D image (x-axis would correspond to time/epoch and y axis to # of neurons). Can I do this?

If not, I can maintain the image myself and simply resend the data as an image, but then I’d have to overwrite the image on the server. Can I do that?


Hi @aiaiai , have you looked at using wandb.Histogram? Here are the reference docs.

Hey, yes I have. But this is different from what I want: to report positional, not aggregate, data. If I could send an array at each step, say [0.1, 0.3] at step 1, and [0.2, 0.,6] at step 2 I would like to see an image that would like like [[0.1, 0.3], [0.2, 0.6]] on the dashboard.

Ahh ok I see. Your best best bet is to maintain the image yourself and logging it to wandb. You won’t actually be overwriting the image and will be able to see all the previous images logged. I would just make sure you keep the image dimensions consistent.

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