(unsolved) How to set spacing between monitoring points(default 30s)?

The default interval of monitoring points for GPU utilization is the 30s. How can I set this time?

In my model, the latency of one batch is shorter than the 30s. So I don’t think this interval is suitable.
Can I modify it by setting any variable?

I modify the two function sample_rate_seconds(self) and sample_rate_average(self) in stats.py. The path of stats.py is <Python_Path>\Lib\site-packages\wandb\sdk\internal\stats.py.

And the default value is 2 and 15. I don’t know how it works, so I set it as small as possible.

There are some notes in code,

“”“Sample system stats every this many seconds, defaults to 2, min is 0.5"”"
“”“The number of samples to average before pushing, defaults to 15 valid range (2:30)”""

Finally, the interval is 1s. Have any other way to make the interval shorter? Like 0.5s?

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Hi Boqian, according to lines 85-87 in this code (https://github.com/wandb/client-ng/blob/fa51b2fbaf12a22a3e48f8c9c2c157642986946b/wandb/internal/stats.py#L85) we can’t return anything faster than one second. However, if you’re willing to edit the client code on your instance to where you make the interval shorter on your machine you can.

Hi Boqian,

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Thanks a lot!

I see, but I am still confused about why the min value is 0.5. Why not set it shorter? like 0.1?

Do you have any idea about how to show the GPU utilization per 0.1 seconds?
I think it is hard to continuously modify the client code to achieve that.