Set default metric

When doing sweeps, figuring out the important parameters etc. I am always interested in the performance with respect to my default metric (test/avg_log_like), but I always have to add it manually to the parallel coordinates plots/group plots/parameter importance plots and it’s quite annoying. Is there a way to change this default?

Hey @leander-kurscheidt, thanks for writing in! Would you mind clarifying what are you referring to with " my default metric (test/avg_log_like )"? The sweep plots will show all the metrics you define in the parameters section of your sweep config and the influence those have in the metric that is being optimized

oh now, that’s not what I mean. I mean on the dashboard it takes a lot of time to set everything to the correct defaults. For example the sweep-panel, I always have to add test/avg_log_like. Or parameter importance, it’s always defaults to batch-size (which makes no sense). I spend a lot of time recreating the desired plots for every sweep

Hey @leander-kurscheidt, thanks for your answer! Would you have any problems with sharing a link to your sweep so I can take a look at it and advice you further?

Hey @leander-kurscheidt, just wanted to follow up to see if you would still need assistance here. If so, would you mind sharing a link to your workspace so I can take a look?