Unable to login to Personal account

Hello, I was founder of a startup that had an account called deepdiscovery-ai and that company died. I want to use my Free personal account instead. There is no way for me to do this, however, because even when I select my Personal account from the top right user icon menu and copy that key when I wandb login --relogin, my Jupyter Notebook runs wandb.login() and it prints out this indicating that it is using the deepdiscovery-ai account :frowning:

My code is:

import os
import wandb

os.environ["WANDB_PROJECT"] = "libpostal-reborn"

# Login to wandb. Comment out if you already have.

I see:

DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (1): localhost:8888
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:http://localhost:8888 "GET /api/sessions?token= HTTP/1.1" 200 476
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS connection (1): api.wandb.ai:443
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:https://api.wandb.ai:443 "POST /graphql HTTP/1.1" 200 None
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:https://api.wandb.ai:443 "POST /graphql HTTP/1.1" 200 None
wandb: Currently logged in as: rjurney (deep-discoveryai). Use `wandb login --relogin` to force relogin

Note it says rjurney (deep-discoveryai) and I can’t get runs to appear in my Personal account. How do I remove the deepdiscovery-ai organization from my account completely so I can only use my Personal account?

Hi @rjurney , happy to help. Would you like us to move your projects from the said account [deepdiscovery-ai] to your Personal Account? So you can completely use your account. Thanks~

Yes, that will work. Thanks!

Hey @rjurney , the reason it is saying wandb: Currently logged in as: rjurney (deep-discoveryai) is because you might have set deep-discoveryai as your default entity in your User settings.

  • If you change that to your personal entity from the dropdown to rjurney, wandd.init(...) will initialize runs under the rjurney entity itself.
  • You can also enforce this via wandb.init(entity='rjurney'), this will give the same results as well.

On the other note, to move all your projects under deep-discoveryai to your personal entity rjurney, we have also made these changes. So, now you should all your projects under your personal entity. Please let us know in case of any further queries.

Hi @rjurney , I wanted to follow up on this request. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.

Thanks, it is resolved.

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