Time-Series Segmentation Masks


I’m wondering whether there is an equivalent feature of Image Masks for 1-D time-series plots. For error analysis, I would like to compare prediction/ground-truth masks “over top” time-series signals that are logged with plotly html. I’m curious what the best way to log this information with wandb would be.


Hi Tom,

Unfortunately, there is no way of doing this directly in wandb. In this case, you could have 2 different paths.

  • You could either plot everything in plotly yourself first and then upload it to wandb using the Plotly integration.
  • Or you could log the data to wandb and utilize our custom charts. Custom charts are based on VegaLite. They do have multiple examples on their website here that you might find useful and use as a starting point for your Vega charts.

Otherwise, unfortunately, there isn’t a way of accomplishing it natively with preset wandb charts.


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Hi Tom,

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