Texas Electric Rate Plan Selector

I am working on a project at the moment to make it easier for Texas residents to select their power plan. There is a big headache in Texas because every person has access to over 100 different plans but most of them are pretty similar. We can look at historical usage and show a user what the best plan would have been based on that. We are just finishing up the proof of concept and then we should be ready to start building out the API and website. We are looking for (pre?)alpha users and name suggestions if anybody has either of those I would love to chat :slight_smile:


In my country, that is a govt responsibility. (although some private ones exist, mainly to get money on switch & finder fees.) Energy Made Easy

Most states in the US are the same way. There are regulators in place to protect the consumer, but Texas is an entirely different environment because they tried to deregulate the market which ended up adding a lot of companies into the marketplace and in turn a lot of plans for consumers to select from.