Select runs and parameters for Run Comparer

I’d like the idea of using the Run Comparer, but I can find a way to select which runs to display, nor which parameters I want to display. As I have 100 runs in my project, it seems to be selecting 10 runs at random, none of which are actually the ones I want to compare. There are also lots of parameters that I’m not interested in for this particular evaluation. Unless I’m missing something, I assume a feature would need to be added to allow the user the select the runs and parameters.

Hi @jearly
You can control which runs to display by clicking the :eye: icon on the Run set below your panels. You can toggle “diff only” to show only the parameters which have different values across the runs displayed.

Hi @_scott

Thanks for the quick response!

Just to clarify, I have the runs on the LHS with 100 visualised. I can see that if I deselect the eye icon for a run, then it does indeed disappear from the Run Comparer, but it also disappears from my other plots. Selecting “diff only” helps somewhat with reducing the parameters, but there remains a lot of info there that I would prefer to be hidden (for simplicity).

To give a bit more detail on my use case:

  • I have optimised an ML model with 100 different param configs, and have plots like this (i.e., displaying all 100 runs).
  • For a select number of runs, I would then like to compare the parameters that were found using the Run Comparer. But currently the run comparer is very big with a lot of information that I want to reduce.
  • So ideally I’d like to keep all 100 runs for the top plots, and then select specific runs in the run comparer, which I believe I’m not currently able to do.

Here’s what the run comparer looks like for me:

This would be a great opportunity to create a Report and do your analysis there. You can add multiple plots with different Run Sets. To do so, click “Create Report” and within the Report, type ‘/’ and add a PanelGrid and add the panels you care about (your line plots and run comparers).

Let me know if you have any issues with this.

Hi there, I wanted to follow up on this request. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if your issue has been resolved.