Create different views/workspaces


I want to create different ‘snapshots’ of my project table for analysing only specific experiments together. I can see this feature in beta: Workspaces | Weights & Biases Documentation . Anyway that I can use it?

Hi @pulkit , names workspace is still in development and is intended to be released this quarter. If you go to your settings page and scroll down to Beta Features, do you have the option to toggle on “Names workspaces 1.2”. If you do, give it a try? If not then the team is still working on getting the beta out. Please note you may encounter some unintended blips while we finalize the release.


I can just see “Workspace optimizations” under beta and toggling that on did not seem to give me the options. Am I missing something?

Hi @pulkit the beta feature is called “Named workspaces 1.2”. As it is not available to you then our team is still working on releasing the beta to our users. I cannot provide a timeline for when this will occur but it is expected for this quarter.

@pulkit , I will be moving forward with marking this resolved. Once team confirms release of the Beta or final product, I will ping you as a reminder. Do let us know if you need help with anything else.