[Solved] How to create model comparison table

Hi all! In the YOLOv5 tutorial there is an excellent table comparing the model runs side by side. I’m not sure how to create it - can anyone give any advice? The tutorial is located here: Weights & Biases

and the table I’m looking to recreate is this:

Thanks for the help!!

EDIT: Figured it out by searching for the term “diff only” that appears in the top left. If anyone is wondering, you create a new panel and select “Run Comparer”. Leaving this up in case anyone has the same question :slight_smile:

Hi @iankelk!

That’s called a Run Comparer panel, and you can created it by clicking + Add Panel in the top right of your workspace, and choosing Run Comparer.

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Thanks Scott! I found it almost immediately after posting by googling “weights and biases diff only”. Thanks for such an amazingly fast response!

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