Compare prediction/summary scores on a table

At the end of my run, I make predictions on the development set and log these scores to wandb with this command:

wandb.log({"best_epoch": best_epoch, "dev_micro_acc": dev_micro_acc, "dev_weighted_f1": dev_weighted_f1,
               "dev_f1_label1": dev_f1_label1,
               "dev_f05_score": dev_f05_score, "dev_roc_auc": dev_roc_auc})

These values then appear in the summary section on my overview page for each run. But how can I see them as overview to compare them with other runs? Like, it would be nice to see them as column on the run table such that I can sort there for the best score and therefore identify my best model, but I acknowledge that the config columns probably aren’t the proper place for this.

So where could I see such an overview on wandb?

Hi @harpiye, thanks for writing in! These metrics should appear in the Runs table by default but if this isn’t the case, in the top right corner there’s a Columns button and you can manage the visible columns. If you cannot see these metrics there, could you please send me a link to the project and so I can have a look at it?

To be able to compare runs, I’d recommend you to use the Run comparer plot which you can add from Add panel and allows you to compare your different runs. Please let me know if this would work for you!

I looked for it before under the columns but didn’t type it in for searching because I thought I were seeing all possible columns :woman_facepalming: So I found them now.

I didn’t know about the run comparer panel, that will do, thank you!

Hi @harpiye, great to see this worked! I’ll then go ahead and close this ticket. Thanks!

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