Smoke Test after updating W&B Server on Private Cloud

Hi !

We have deployed W&B server on our private cloud due to data privacy.

Currently whenever you release new version for the W&B server, we change the version manually and deploy it in the dev environment. Then we run the basic examples and if everything is working fine then we release it to prod.

In next step, we would like to automate it i.e., after the server version update in the dev there should be some tests that should run automatically similarly we also want sure that PubSub topic and Bucket are attached to W&B deployment (Previously once we lost some data because the Bucket was not properly attached to the deployment and all the data was stored inside the Pod).

Are there any tests or scripts recommended by you for this purpose ? Is there any way that I can detect the proper attachment of PuBSub and Bucket to W&B deployment without looking into the Degub_Bundle ? Or is there any way that I can read the Debug_Bundle in the programmatically way ?

Thanks !!!

Hey Zeeshan,

Thanks for writing in! I’m looping in our SA Flamarion who can help with this.