Request to increase rate limit for personal account

Im running into wandb: 429 encountered (Filestream rate limit exceeded, retrying in 2.2 seconds.), retrying request, so I would like an increase of rate limit for my personal account.

For background, the reason im running into this rate limit is because early terminate does not work (see Early_terminate param for sweep configuration does not seem to work at all), so im currently using a workaround where I use a local controller to schedule jobs and trigger the early termination algorithm.

the local controller schedules multiple runs in parallel, hence I think im running into the rate limit

Hi @yanyiphei, thanks for providing the additional context for your request. I’ve now raised your rate limit so you should be able to run multiple sweeps agents in parallels. Let us know if any further help is needed on this

@fmamberti-wandb im running into the same rate limits again, so could you increase them even more?

Otherwise, how do you recommend running many (i.e. more than 50) parallel hyperparameter sweep runs?

@fmamberti-wandb bump

@fmamberti-wandb bump

Hi @yanyiphei, Apologies for the late reply here.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to increase the rate limit further.

What is your use case to have more than 50 parallels Runs? If this is a requirement, you could look into running your own W&B instance locally (see here).