Pulling artifact metadata into report

Is there a way to pull artifact metadata into reports? Here is my use case:

I have several datasets that I use for evaluation of my model. They are stored as input artifacts and have metadata associated with them for example data type, source, and size. I would like to put a table in my report which outlines the size and type of each dataset, and ideally, could perform excel-like operations on the table (e.g. to sum the sizes of each dataset to create a total, or to get a label distribution).

Right now I build these tables manually but it is error prone and time consuming. Here is an example:

Dataset Size Sources % Positive Class
A 1333 [‘type-1’ ‘type-2’] 0.63
B 13308 [‘type-1’ ‘type-2’ ‘type-3’] 0.63
C 1153 [‘type-2’ ‘type-3’] 0.61
D 273 [‘type-1’] 0.66

Is there any existing way to do this? Or a hack to get something like it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @elhutton thank you for writing in! You can do this using Weave with a couple of options:

i) get the metadata for a single artifact you have created with the following Weave expression (in your Report press “/” and add Weave)
project("entity-name", "project-name").artifact("artifact-name").versions("v0").metadata

ii) get a table of artifacts for a specific artifact type in a Weave again expression such as:
project(“entity-name”, “project-name”).artifactType(“dataset”).artifactVersions.metadata

iii) render directly the artifacts metadata based on a specific artifact type as follows:
project(“entity-name”, “project-name”).artifactType(“dataset”).artifacts

Would any of these work for you? Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues with this!

Hi @thanos-wandb,

Thanks so much for your reply!

project(“entity-name”, “project-name”).artifactType(“dataset”).artifactVersions.metadata is getting me close to what I want. How would I then filter the table to only show the latest version of each artifact? Right now this view shows a different row for each version of each artifact, but I would like to show only the latest version of each artifact.

Also, is there a way to perform operations on the values within the columns of such a table? For example, if I have a field called “n_examples” in the metadata for each artifact of a certain type, could I then get the sum of the n_examples over all the artifacts?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @elhutt apologies for the late response to this one. Showing only the latest version of each artifact should be possible by the following expression:
project("entity", "project").artifactType("dataset").artifacts.membershipForAlias("latest").artifactVersion.metadata

You can indeed add columns and perform operations or group by the table. Each column has a cell expression that allows you to do some operations. You can find some examples in this Report.

To get the sum of all rows you will need a new Weave expression as follows:
project("entity", "project").artifactType("dataset").artifacts.membershipForAlias("latest").artifactVersion.metadata["n_examples"].sum

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hi @elhutton as this seems to be resolved for you, I will close the ticket for now. Please let me know in case the above solution didn’t work for you and we will be happy to keep investigating!