Feature request: adding zip files to reports

I often want to upload zip files with a bunch of info from experiments to wandb but currently the web UI does not respond to this. May we have this as a feature?

originally asked as a help question but realized it was likely a feature request or tech support question. Original question: How do I upload artifacts (e.g. zip files) manually in the website GUI? - #2 by brando


What kind of information is in your zip files?

It’s a bit unnatural to attach data to a report. The natural place for data to live is on a run (either as metadata, history, summary, or artifact), with workspaces and reports designed to give views on that data.

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well, I like it on my reports :stuck_out_tongue:

If it helps to add context, when writing a paper, or drafts etc I manipulate manually data, figs, etcs and it’s nice to be able to post them to reports. The code is nice for automatic stuff, but it’s not as nice for the “museum” idea. Just my 2 cents.

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For example, I want to download all media files i.e. images. I can download any image separately, but I cannot download image folder.

@mirage, if you’re looking to download lots of info from W&B, you’re better off using the public API (guide here) to access it programmatically, rather than using the UI.