Overlayed Histogram - Groupby and Plot Histogram (Weave vs Custom Chart)

Hi Weights and Biases Community,

I have a question that I was hoping someone more experienced could point me towards documentation for or mention a solution for.

I have a table with model predictions for a classification problem, the columns for my table are as follows:

[epoch, sample_idx, action_idx, logit, predicted_probability, target]

For various samples in each epoch I am recording the logit/predicted probability as well as the target value (0/1).

I am looking to plot an overlayed histogram that looks at the distribution of the predicted probabilities versus the target for action indices for a given sample and epoch. What is the best method of accomplishing this?

I have attempted

  1. creating the chart as a custom chart
  2. Using Weave to create the chart.

For the custom chart I got as far as starting to look into using a custom vega spec inspired by this. I am not overly familiar with the syntax so I didn’t spend long on this as I suspected there may be a quicker method via the UI.

When using a weave panel, I have been able to apply groupby operations on a table such that I get individual histograms for the columns predicted probability and target, however, the histograms are not what I am looking for as they are bins with value counts.

Ideally I want to create an overlayed histogram where the x-axis is the action index grouped by epoch and sample and the y-axis is the predicted_probability versus target value in overlayed histogram.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, if it is necessary to learn the spec for vega to accomplish this I would be willing to do so but hoping there is a quicker way to accomplish this.

Hello @peterdavidfagan !

Like you mentioned, a custom chart may be the best way to go about this. The linked Vega Spec comes from this article which may be of use to you. On the other hand, we can also plot out plots from matplotlib and plotly which is another option. If it is easier for you to create plots in either of the libraries, I would suggest going down that route.

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Thanks @raphael-sanandres,

These additional resources are very useful. I am familiar with plotly and matplotlib so I may use these in the short-term.

Vega looks powerful though, I think I’ll look to spend some time exploring making Vega specifications for plots. Maybe ChatGPT/Copilot will be useful for getting started with templating these specs.

In any case, thank you and have a nice start to the day.

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