No history data in custom charts

Hi everyone,
I have been running a sweep with wandb and logged data (loss, accuracy, val_loss, val_accuracy) via wandb.keras.WandbCallback(). All plots over all epochs are plotted nicely in the main panel, but now I would like to create some custom charts. To be able to do that, I have tried to use the history field in the query but seems like it’s empty. On the other hand, summary field seems okay (as can be seen in the screenshot).
How do I get access to all these metrics logged in each epoch?

Hi @eldarkurtic,

I’m sorry you are facing this issue. I tested this on my end seems like this is something that will have to be reported to our engineering team to be resolved. I found a workaround for you however:

  1. Select summary and place keys in there

  2. Change summary to history through the dropdown menu

and you should have your keys present in history and can be used as such.


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