Delete Custom Chart via Api

I log custom charts to my wandb runs via

wandb.log({"my_bar_chart_id" :, "label", "value", title="Custom Bar Chart")})

I would like to delete few of those charts programmatically. I am able to delete the underlying table artifact using -

table_artifact = run.use_artifact(f"run-{run_id}-{my_bar_chart_id}_table:latest")

After running the above script, I can see that the table corresponding to the bar plot has 0 rows. But I still see the custom chart show up with old values. Are the values coming from some cache? Do I need to delete another artifact to actually delete the custom chart?

Hey @sarda014 - to my knowledge, deleting the underlying artifact is your best bet, but I am looking into this further to see if there’s any way to delete the panels from your workspace programatically.

Hey @sarda014 - after doing some digging, unfortunately there isn’t a way to completely delete these custom chart panels using the API, but I’d be happy to make a feature request for this

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