Is prediction speed of YOLOv5 recorded somewhere as part of the integration?

I’ve been training YOLOv5 models using wandb, and I’ve been amazed at how much is natively built in with just a few command-line arguments. One thing I’m lacking - is there any recording of the speed at which it makes predictions? I don’t particularly care if it’s on the training or test sets, I’m just looking for any record of the speed at which the model makes predictions.



This is probably a YoloV5 specific question, but in general, in cases like these where you want an additional logged metric, you would just record it yourself and call wandb.log({'speed': speed}, commit=false).
That being said, I had a look at the yolov5 docs and it looks like you can pass —profile to get it to profile the inference speed of your model. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Scott thanks for your reply! I’ll try using wandb.log({'speed': speed}, commit=false)

I looked in the docs here and didn’t see any reference to a -profile option, nor is it in the source code for for YOLOv5. Where did you see it mentioned? Is it a different script to run other than

It seems that speed is not an option? I tried it and received an error.

----> 6 wandb.log({‘speed’: speed}, commit=false)

NameError: name ‘speed’ is not defined

I’ll reach out to the author of YoloV5 and find the appropriate command to profile the inference speed.

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In the meantime, this tutorial profiles some different configurations.

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It looks like you can call directly with --profile, but not

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