How to log configs except for configs that need to be tuned in w&b when I use ray tune for tuning

Hallo! I want to log some configs that are not for tuning, for example, the name for datasets, and the name for different losses. When I call WandbLoggerCallback in tune.Tuner, it turns out that only the hyperparameters that it tuned are logged, other configs are not there, even though I have called wandb.config[“lossfn”] = "cross_entropy " at the beginning.

for example, as you see that there is nothing in the columns dataset and lossfn.

Hi @ziwencheng, you may just need to call after you update the config to set the config for the run. If that doesn’t work could you should me the order in which you are setting the config and initializing the WandbLoggerCallback object?

Thank you,

Hi Nate, thanks for your reply. doesn’t work. I only initialize the WandbLoggerCallback object in the tune.Tuner. The setting config is before the WandbLoggerCallback. I can show you the whole function.