Settings defined in wandb.config dictionary not shown at the Overview page

Why settings specified in the wandb config dictionary (see the code below), are not shown in my W.&B’s Overview page?
When the init_wandb() method is called, all the parameter values are already known. I can see the logged information and charts in my W&B’s Workspace page but I can’t see the settings in my Overview page.

Any suggestions?
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def init_wandb(self) → None:


    my_params = {
                 'architecture': self.model_name,
                 'learning_rate': self.learning_rate,
                 'epochs': self.epochs,
                 'batch_size': self.batch_size,
                 'dataset': self.dataset

               notes=self.dataset + '_' + self.date_now,

Hi @hblanco2009 thank you for writing in! You will have to select the specific Run from the project’s workspace, and then go the run’s Overview page. In the bottom left you should be able to see the config values. Does this work for you?

Another way to get these values in the Project level would be to add a Weave panel and execute this expression: runs.config. Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues with this.

I have the same problem, and this used to work fine. The behavior changed within the last month.

Now, when i initialize a new project, I cannot see any of the configured parameters in the Runs table, only metrics. This holds true even when moving runs from an older project that behaves as it should into the new project.

The configurations are indeed displayed when you open the individual run as @thanos-wandb says, but they do not show up in the Runs table any more (not under hidden columns either.)

Would be great to get the configuration columns back into the Runs table.

Thank you very much for your soon reply. Now, I can see the settings specified in wandb.config dictionary at the Overview page. In fact, I wasn’t selecting the run. Nonetheless, I can also see these values in the Table page along with the performance metrics logged.

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Hi @hblanco2009 thank you for confirming this, glad it’s resolved for you!

@jugoetz would it be possible to share a screenshot to investigate this further why it’s still happening for you? thanks!

Sure, let me supply some more info:
So here is what I expect to see (the run is in a project created several weeks ago):

As you can see, all of the configuration is conveniently shown in the Runs table.
Now, if I create a new project and move this run group to the new project, I get this:

[see next post as the system lets me put only one embedded item per post]

Now, I can still see some meta data and the metrics that I collect, but none of the configuration parameters show up anymore. They are also not available in the “Manage columns” menu or in the filters.

[missing screenshot from last post]

Hi @jugoetz thanks a lot for the screenshots, that’s really helpful. Could you please let me know the names of the original and destination projects, to investigate this issue further? Also, just to clarify are the values missing from certain config columns, or you can’t even find the config parameters/columns? in the latter case, did you check if these appear under the Hidden columns section from the Columns button?

Hi @jugoetz I’ve investigated this issue further, it’s a bug which occurs when moving runs and the config returns null. The engineering team is working on a fix, and I will let you know here once this is released. Thanks so much for reporting this.

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