Tune logs

I use tune.Tuner to train my customized parallel peetingZoo environment, but there is data within this environment that I want to be recorded as logs in wandb, can anyone help me configure it?

Hi @alyssonpereira41, here are our docs on using wandb with Ray Tune. Are you using the WandbLoggerCallback currently?

Yes, I had already found the documentation and already applied it, but I have another problem in relation to the parameters that are being returned from my environment and they are not faithful to those that rllib returns by default, for example when I record the reward metrics they Shouldn’t they be the same ones returned?
Follow the images to get an idea of what I’m talking about

I collect data as follows
class MyCallbacks(DefaultCallbacks):

def on_episode_step(self, *, worker: RolloutWorker, base_env, policies=None, episode: Episode, env_index=None, **kwargs):
    for agent_id in episode.get_agents():
        agent_info = episode.last_info_for(agent_id)

        # episode.custom_metrics[f"reward agente {agent_id} pela função"] = episode.agent_rewards[agent_id]
        episode.custom_metrics[f"Reward agente {agent_id}"] = agent_info["rw"]
        episode.custom_metrics[f"Lucro agente {agent_id}"] = agent_info["rw_pr"]
        episode.custom_metrics[f"Variabilidade agente {agent_id}"] = agent_info["rw_va"]        
        episode.custom_metrics[f"Sustentabilidade agente {agent_id}"] = agent_info["rw_su"]
        episode.custom_metrics[f"Ocupacao Yard agente {agent_id}"] = agent_info["yard"]

and my information is saved as follows

info[f"{agent}"] = {"rw": self.reward[f"{agent}"],
                    "rw_pr": self.rw_pr,
                    "rw_va": self.rw_va,
                    "rw_su": self.rw_su,
                    "VA": self.variabilidade,
                    "SU": self.sustentabilidade,
                    "F": self.F,
                    "acoes": self.acoes,
                    "atrasos_reais": self.atrasos_reais,
                    "acao_on_state_plan": self.acao_on_state_plan,
                    "carga_on_state_plan": self.carga_on_state_plan,
                    "patio_on_state_plan": self.patio_on_state_plan,
                    "yard" : (self.YA[agent].cont/self.YA[agent].Y)*100

and the second graphic because you can’t put two images in one post