How to include citation of wandb easily with zotero or mendeley?


I’d like to help support wandb and I think its important to make it as trivial as possible for user to cite wandb as thats valueble - in the spirit of how amazon makes it trivial to buy things with one click. I believe most of us researchers use zotero or mendeley. I usually go to a webpage and then download the citation automatically that I use for all my future papers - with mendeley or zotero. I suggest something like that is done for wandb. Perhaps with a whitepaper report (like tensorflow has) and then we can download the citation for it.

For now I am just copy pasting this

title = {Experiment Tracking with Weights and Biases},
year = {2020},
note = {Software available from},
author = {Biewald, Lukas},

but I don’t think copy pasting this is a good long term solution to promote/support wanbd.


This is a good suggestion!

FYI for others finding this post, that LaTeX/BibTeX snippet comes from here:

unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to add all the bibtext automatically in mendeley (and likely in zotero). Some type of arvix report is likely the easiest best/ less friction :wink:

Hope my feedback helps!

Onwards :slight_smile:

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