How do I upload artifacts (e.g. zip files) manually in the website GUI?

I just want to upload artifacts manually place and drop and the end of the project. I have 2 zip files. How do I do that?

Ideally, I want to avoid writing code. I tried dropping it into a report but the report didn’t do anything when I dropped my zip files.

also, the artifacts guide seems unncesserily long and not explain the most basic questions imho. e.g.

  1. Are we suppose to upload artifacts on every run?
  2. how do we make sure we don’t double upload data?
  3. how does wandb version to avoid duplicate data uploaded

perhaps a shorter tutorial that is more to the point would be nice, especially explaining the expected/common workflow with artifacts.

I am particularly interested to upload zip files to my reports.

posted in tech support since the web UI doesn’t do it its more likely to be a feature request: Feature request: adding zip files to reports

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Hey Brando,

You can find the information about how Artifacts handle duplication here. I’d also suggest checking out this tutorial showing the common workflows with Artifacts.
I followed up in the other thread on uploading zip files. Let me know if you have any questions.