How did you get started with Machine Learning? The ultimate getting started resources thread!

How did you started with machine learning? Give us your best ML, linear algebra, stats, calculus recommendations!

:woman_technologist: Are you a theory first or code first learner?


I like the idea of top down learning and love to code first and then dive into the mathematics behind it.

Here is one of the articles I wrote for getting started in Deep learning.


For me, I wasn’t aware of the top down approach which is really cool for me now( i wish jeremy had started fastai back in 2017, but better late than never) I started with Prof. Andrew Ng’s course on cousera which was the most popular resource available back then and then figured other resources.
My best recomendations are as follows:

  1. For Machine learning: CS229 by stanford University taught by Prof. Andrew Ng
  2. Deep Learning: Deep Learning for Coders(Part 1 and Part 2) by Jeremy Howard, CS231n by Stanford University for an extensive intro to deep learning basics and Computer Vision.
  3. For Linear Algebra: MIT OCW 18.06 - Linear Algebra by Prof. Gilbert Strang and 3 blue 1 brown series on Linear algebra.
  4. For Calculus: Single Variable Calculus and Multivariable Calculus by MIT OCW and Khan Academy’s course on calculus. 3 blue 1 brown series on calculus for Visual understanding of the concepts.
  5. Probability: Statistics 110: Probability by Harvard University

Thanks for sharing!

We might have a CS231n study group happening in a few weeks if you’d like to join and revisit the course :slight_smile:


Oh that’s amazing @bhutanisanyam1 I would definitely join it as I plan to revisit the concepts and blog about the topics. Definitely count me in for any volunteering as a part of the study group. Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:


Wow. Hope that it will come true.

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Thanks for the interest, @md-porom004, @saiamrit.

The plan is to first host #community-events:pytorch-book so that we can also invite folks that are new to the field to learn. And then later, kickoff CS231n study group/CS224n.

Well, that’s the plan but I might start one sooner than later :tea:

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Looking forward to learning from you @bhutanisanyam1 :tea:

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I started out with an applied linear algebra course in MatLab during grad school. I then got interested in Data Mining, so I took a coursera course on Intro to Python Data Mining (or something like that).

I then went to IBM and started learning about Time Series.

I was really inspired by this article:

But for some reason, the very first book I tried to read on Neural Nets was this:

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Oh, I’ve never heard of this book :open_mouth:

Bryan, could you please recommend some resources for learning TS? :smiley:

I really like Hyndman’s book on timeseries forecasting. The intro chapters do a nice job of high level intro to all TS problems as well.