Grouping and comparing across two dimensions

I have two hyperparameters, lets say p1 with values {A, B,C} and p2 with values {0, 1} and a metric I want to compare. Now I want to group my runs to visualize how p2 affects the metric for each value of p1 separately. Something like on the image below.

When I group my runs by both p1 and p2 and do a bar plot I lose the information which pairs of bars I want to compare. Is there any way to achieve what I want on a report?
The best I could think of is to have separate sets of runs each filtered on A, B, C and then do multiple plots with just the two bars. But I’d much rather have all the information together.

Hi @slawekbiel,

Thanks for writing in! You should be able to group your runs using p2 {0, 1} and then create a bar chart on p1 to assess how p2 impacts runs metrics. In order to help you better, It would be great if you could share your project page for greater visibility so that I can help you better.


Hi @slawekbiel,

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