Filter just one plot

I am doing a big sweep over my hyperparameters. I can plot the same statistic (accuracy) in multiple plots, grouping each plot by a different hyperparameter. Then, by looking at the plots I can see which hyperparameters perform best.
At this point, I need to plot the accuracy in one plot filtering according to the best hyperparameters. I can use the filter button above the runs, but that filters ALL plots. I want to filter only one plot.
How can I do that?


Hello @parisi !

As you mentioned, the grouping and filtering will apply to all plots within the workspace. Since you would like to have different filters for different plots, I would recommend making a Report and visualizing the plots there. In a Report, you will be able to add Run Sets in which you can apply different filters and groupings of the data. Each plot will be based on the associated Run Sets. If you have graphs you already have, you can send the graph to a Report and it will appear on the Report.

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