Explosion Raises Money

In case you didn’t know, spacy is backed by the company explosion. I really liked their funding announcement, it shows us a new direction in raising money. They’re also really transparent about the market cap.

I absolutely loved this “We decided to consider external investment, so long as we could find a deal that wouldn’t compromise the direction or stability of the company

I’m really excited to see Spacy and Explosion grow as a result of this :smiley:

Blog Announcement:

What are your thoughts on this?


I’m a big fan of seeing companies find ways to scale that are more sustainable and less risky than taking on a large VC investment. It’s pretty amazing what they’ve achieved without any large investment.

We still want to keep the Explosion team quite small for now, as we’ve always believed that a larger team doesn’t necessarily build better software

This is yet another example of a few dedicated engineers putting years of effort into something and building it into a mature, well-designed and loved product.