Embed Plotly Graphs in HTML

I would like to use some of my wandb plots to Embed Plotly Graphs in HTML. Is there anyway to get similar functionality? If it cannot be done directly on wandb I see the other option as downloading the graphs, and uploading them to Plotly Chart Studio where they can then be embedded in HTML.

I do like reports, but this would allow for the inclusion of plots in a wider scope of documents. For example, papers for publication, books, or even a dissertation.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for this feature request! At this moment we don’t have this functionality. At the moment you can share wandb charts by exporting them by clicking on the top right of the chart and clicking on the three dots. From there, you can navigate to ‘Export panel’ to get a variety of ways to share it. We do have a ticket out to allow for this functionality though and I’ll let you know if we have any updates on it.


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