Wandb suddenly not showing matplotlib plot

As of today my runs do not show the matplotlib figure I am adding using “.log” during training. The panel simply says “Select runs that logged plotly with the key Example to visualize data here.”. It worked fine the last days and I haven’t changed a single line of code with respect to the figure plotting. I also tried training my network again with the same hyperparameters where plots were shown the last days and it still does not show anything. My log file does also not contain any error or warning. The train/validation loss charts still work however. Anyone has an idea what it could be?

My media is also not showing up, or extremely delayed. I’m guessing there’s some outage somewhere

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Thank you for reporting @gijsd and I believed this has been resolved from a little outage last weekend. We’ll mark this as resolved and feel free to write in again for any problem encountered.